Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are offered at all levels. Anyone can enroll in our beginner courses. All our coding career training tracks start with a beginner course. However, we do need students to know how to move around a file system in a computer as a prerequisite for the beginner courses also. In particular following skills are absolutely required:

  • The basic commands like copying a file, saving a file, moving a file from one folder to another.
  • Figuring out which file is there in which folder.
  • If they downloaded an application, then knowing in which folder they downloaded and how to start the application by navigating to that folder.
  • Basic algebra knowledge from high school, like how to assign a value to a variable etc..

For non beginner courses, there are corresponding prerequisites which start at beginner level

Any student who shows interest, perseverance and pays attention in class succeeds in our coding courses. We provide the resources that include, instructor-led sessions, course material such as books and/or eBooks, videos along with mentoring and help at various levels. Students should make use of the resources provided and show deep interest to help themselves. We are here to help them succeed in their end goals. Some of the backgrounds of our students who have been very successful and are employed as software developers today:

  • Pizza delivery boys
  • High school teachers
  • Registered nurse
  • Walmart Associates with arts background
  • House wives who decided to get back to workforce
  • Of course university students from both Arts and STEM backgrounds. That goes without saying

While we do not guarantee a job, we do provide real world work experience through our apprenticeship program and unpaid internship program. We also help you groom your resume to highlight your strengths.

In our bundled tracks, not only you learn the cutting edge coding and application skills that are relevant to the industry, you also learn how to work in a team, in an Agile environment with story boarding, planning and estimating a large project etc.. When you step out of any of our bundled tracks, you are really ready for the real world job opportunity. It is indeed an experience!

For our adult programs, students should be 18 years or older. But for our junior programs, we recommend anyone above 12 years of age. But there is no upper limit! Any age above 18 can join as long as the student thinks they can do it!