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We offer courses in three of the very fast growing areas of IT:
Mobile App Development, Cloud Services and Big Data technologies.
A total of 150 hours earned from various courses, which includes the following mandatory core courses: JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Java and SQL for Android, Beginner Android, Sencha Touch 2 will lead the student to a Diploma in Mobile Application Development.

Mobile App Development

Native application development for Android and iOS devices

Any aspiring mobile application developer's learning journey starts by building native mobile application. We offer both beginner and advanced courses in native application development for both Android and iOS devices

Mobile Web Development

The promise of ubiquitous Mobile Web Apps is too strong to be ignored. We offer courses in HTML5/CSS3 - the Web standard. We also offer courses on HTML5 based frameworks like Sencha Touch 2, jQuery Mobile, GM Remote and In-Vehicle API's etc.

Cloud Services

Amazon Cloud Services

Deploying applications on AWS is gaining popularity with many companies like NetFlix completely relying on Amazon to run their business. We cover all concepts of cloud services right from using S3, AWS to EMR (Elastic Map Reduce)

Google Cloud Services

Deploying and using services from Google is not only fast but also very inexpensive provided you learn the art well. Google has opened up cloud services on several of the technologies that they use internally to others. We cover conepts such as: Deploying services on Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, using Google Spreadsheet API, using Google Maps to name a few

Big Data

NoSQL Databases

Ever since BASE is accepted as an alternative, we have several NoSQL databases which are very popular: MongoDB, CouchDB, Graph Databases like Neo4j, Indexing and searching documents using Lucene, Solr, Elastic Search etc. We cover all of these topics one at a time.

Map Reduce

Parallel computing using Map Reduce has become one of the pillars of Big Data Solutions. We cover concepts of basic Map Reduce to advanced Hadoop cluster, Elastic Map Reduce etc.