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Our Programs

Junior Camps

Writing computer programs is not only fun but is an essential skill for success in technical fields. We introduce programming concepts and further get students from Middle School and High School excited about building simple applications at a very early age with fun and interactive camps during Spring, Summer and also all year long.

Professional Courses

Mobile app development, Big Data, Google and Amazon Cloud Services are no longer fancy buzz words. It is the reality of doing business for many savvy companies. We have courses which will get professionals upto speed on these frameworks. Learning the techniques makes software development a breeze! Small companies to large organizations are understanding the cost savings by not having their own Data Center.

Mobile App Development

We strongly believe that hands-on real world experience will reinforce classroom learning. We develop many in-house mobile apps and platforms and involve our students by providing Apprentice training with a senior developer. We also undertake custom software development in our areas of expertise: Web application, Cloud based services and Big data. We constantly look out for passionate developers to join our in-house team.

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Our Associations

Troy School District Continuing Education Program
Michigan State Licensed Proprietary School

Funding your training

MBCC is a Licensed Proprietary School. So as such if you are employed, you may use your training budget to enroll into any of our courses. If you need any additional information from us to forward to your HR department, please contact us. If you are unemployed, you may be eligible to fund your training through Michigan Works! CECR Website . Please select Mobi Boot Camp Corp. from the 'Search by school' link and select our courses and request for funding.

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